My last day at work was August 14 and on August 17, I booked an August 20 flight to Italy to spend some time with my buddy Will Viner.

We spent a few days in Rome.  Highlights were bouncing a bouncy ball down the Spanish Steps (yes, as fun as it sounds…), the Trevi Fountain, the Roma Forum, playing frisbee in Villa Borghese while listening to a guy get chewed out by his girlfriend for an hour, and one of my favorite site in Europe, the Colosseum. Villa Borghese was dry, more brown grass than green..  When I was in Rome three years ago in 2009 with Brij Patnaik, the park was lush and green.  I guess the drought that we saw the Midwest suffer in 2012 was not isolated to the U.S. – Rome (and Europe in general) felt it too.


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