Ben and I arrived in Bangkok last night around midnight.  We got a few beers and some curry and went to bed at Nasa Vegas, a huge hotel on the outskirts of Bangkok.  $15 got us a nice room and a good nights sleep.  Although I was only able to sleep for 6 hours, I’ve still felt pretty good all day.  We had a bit of a crazy cab ride to get to our next hostel, CheQinn.  Our cabbie seemed like he was earnestly trying to get us to our destination, but he probably has practice with this type of “I can’t figure out where you want to go” acting… We were probably scammed, but any scam here is not that bad, as it will ultimately only cost you $3-4 more dollars than it should have been. Bangkok is quite chaotic, frantic,  congested.  Perpetual traffic jam on every street it seems.  We got our Vietnamese embassy today.  But the people are friendly and the food and beer are cheap.  We are about to go out with a nice guy named Adam from the U.K., who has been in SE Asia for 6 months.  More to come later.


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