A brief intermission

In MuiNe right now but will be able to blog again after a temporary hiatus.  My blog host wordpress is blocked in this country but there is inconsistent enforcement – the ISPs in Saigon were nearly airtight but north its a little easier to get around the watchful eye of big brother.  Keep in mind their goal  is not to prevent me or you from seeing or doing anything, but to prevent their citizens from viewing what might appear on my blog – it is preemptive censorship.  Ironically, I was mostly going to say positive things so in Saigon they were intentionally blocking a source that will ultimately seek to encourage more people to visit and pour money into their economy.   Will update the happenings over the past week in the next few days while I have the chance.  Also, a shop owner performed minor splinter-in-the-foot surgery on me tonight after I stepped into a serious group of nettles on the beach – she did a great job and foot feels way better .


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