Pula – A little bit o’ Rome in Croatia

Pula is a big town on Croatia’s northwestern coast with Roman architectural influence.


Pula’s coliseum, or “Arena” as it is called today, is modeled after the one in Rome and though it is not as impressive, it boasts a similar gladiatorial history.


Rome does not have a “China Town”, though admittedly (and oddly) Pula’s China Town is limited to one store.


But the white architecture in Pula is far more memorable than its China town.


The Temple of Augustus in Pula

And this is part of what makes Pula is a wonderful place to just sit and drink a glass of wine or an espresso.


Under Emperor Vespasian, Pula’s amphitheater (6th largest in the world) was built  to seat 23,000 spectators. Back then it was the site of gladiator fights and other brutal amusements for the masses. Nowadays it satisfies a far less bloody purpose, operating as a venue for summer film and opera festivals.


We stayed in a lovely hostel in Pula called Riva Hostel where we met two very cool French girls and the standard eclectic cast of “usual suspects” that you always seem to find in hostels.

Pula also has an industrious port.


And nearby a spot to park your yacht if you are that lucky.

My yacht is the one on the left

My yacht is the one on the left

Maybe someday…

Overall I enjoyed Pula but one of the day trips we took from Pula ended up being more enjoyable.  Stay tuned for the next post!


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