Rt. Kamenjak – A quintessential rocky Croatian “beach” (and park)

Rt. Kamenjak – A quintessential rocky Croatian “beach” (and park)

Rt. Kamenjak, a national park near Pula, came highly recommended by hostel employees and fellow backpackers alike.


It is a big park, made bigger depending on the type of vehicle you have to get around.


If you are someone with money the best way to get around is by boat, whereby you can hop from cove to cove without having to sweat yourself to death peddling up a gravel road.


We had rented mountain bikes, which I strongly, strongly, do not recommend.


The roads are gravel and hilly and the temperature can be a scorching 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) in the summer.


It took at least 45 minutes from the rental location to finally arrive at the Croatian coastline and by then we were ready for the water.


The Croatian coastline, particularly in Rt. Kamenjak where you can find a secluded spot for yourself, is fantastic.


The water is blue and clear and refreshing.


Worth it?  Perhaps.  I would recommend spending another day in Rovinj instead.  And if there is a next time for me, I’m renting a car.